Maria’s List

1) Learn to make bread
2) Visit Salt Spring Island
3) Attend S’s party
4) Walk a marathon
5) Go to Vista d’oro for a picnic
6) Go on a Circle Farm Tour
7) Go to Iceland
8 ) Learn to Sew
9 ) Learn to Swim
10) Learn to make pasta
11) Visit the maritimes
12) Visit Quebec
13) Go to Tweedsmuir
14) Visit the Sunshine Coast
15) Go to London, England
16) Write an Ebook
17) Bake something Gluten-Free
18) Go to Hawaii
19) Go to Alaska
20) Attend a relaxation/art retreat
21) Write a Trip Advisor Review
22) Do a Tweetpic challenge
23) Do Strengthfinders
24) Buy a plot of land
25) Watch a Broadway show in New York City
26) Create my own recipe
27) Design an item of clothing
28) Sell something online
29) Publish something
30) Take a crochet class
31) Hike Diaz Vistas
32) Photograph a wedding
33) Get a Masters Degree
34) Start a Vlog or new social media
35) Cook a traditional Canadian Christmas Dinner
36) Learn to buy and sell stock
37) Create craft kits
38) Become a life coach
39) Bike Mayne Island
40) Create souvenir packages for visiting guests

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