Go to London, England – Maria’s List

In July 2014 my “sister” got married outside of London, England which was the perfect reason to travel to one of the places on my bucket list – London, England.  It was a great time to be with family and friends and have a memorable adventure.  I loved London and cherished every minute exploring the city, enjoying the shows, and spending time with my “adopted” family.  London is an expensive city so this was a special trip – one in a lifetime.


Sell something online – Maria’s List

It’s time to catch up with the bucket list!  I decided to try to sell things that I would normally donate.  I  was going through a downsizing phase so I took pictures of things I didn’t want anymore but were in excellent shape and posted them online with Craigslist.

With Craigslist it was pretty quiet on this sale for a few months but I persisted and re-listed and out of the blue one day, a lady called me about the pottery teapot set and made arrangements to pick it up.  She came and paid me $10.  I sold something online.

Start a Vlog – Maria’s List

Those who know me also know that I love collaboration.  I’m more motivated when I work on projects together so it’s not surprising that Vancity Girlfriends YouTube Channel is a vlog that I started with my YouTube and techie friend.  It’s been a blast and an inspiration!  After our first Glossybox Review Vlog, we actually became Glossybox’s Vloggers of the Month!  WOW!

With all of the support of our fans, I created Vancity Girlfriends Blog to accompany the vlog.  Yes, I’m a blogger at heart!  Best of all it’s given me a reason to hang out with my Vancity Girlfriends!

Learn to Make Bread – Maria & Sharla’s List

I enjoy baking but the one thing I never really made was bread.  So here was my chance to learn how to make bread from a trained executive pastry chef, Marco Ropke.  He’s the instructor and owner of the Vancouver Pastry School.   I love the small class size (average of 8 students per class).  It’s wonderful to not only take home the bread and recipes, but baking tips about how to make bread in your own kitchen with what you have.  The practical hands-on lessons give you the confidence to try at home.

Sharla and I both have learn how to make bread on our lists so we went to the Introduction to Bread Baking course together.  We learned how to make bagels, whole wheat toast bread, hard or petite rolls, carrots onion herb bread, cheese bread, baguette and fougasse.

First step is to make a well with the dry ingredients and put the wet ingredients inside to combine.

Then comes the hard part and the upper body workout.  You knead the dough until the gluten has been worked and the dough is ready to double in size.

Your hard work pays off with fresh bread.

Visit Quebec – Maria’s List

Visit Quebec was on my list of things I’ve always wanted to do and I had the opportunity in August 2011.  We drove across the USA in 4 days and ended up spending two fabulous days at the final destination of Montreal, Quebec.  Montreal is a living school of architecture through the centuries.  You can see historic building alongside modern skyscrapers.

Old Montreal was filled with people but my eyes were on the buildings and the cobblestone streets.

It also had a touch of Paris with the Notre Dame.  Amazing!