Sharla’s List

1) Visit Tofino
2) Visit Salt Spring Island
3) Learn to make bread
4) Go skydiving
5) Go to Iceland
6) Go to Africa
7) Go to Australia
8 ) Visit Newfoundland
9) Move out on my own
10) Take Spanish Classes
11) Take Mexican Cooking Classes
12) Go to the Napa Cooking School
13) Go to a Fitness Resort
14) Try a personal training gym
15) Try a martial Arts class
16) Go to Vista D’oro for a picnic
17) Go on a circle farm tour
18) Take Ballroom Dance Lessons
19) Update bedroom furniture
20) Set up a savings account
21) Find a retirement advisor
22) Use a personal shopping service/stylist
23) Take an HTML class
24) Gain a trip advisor badge
25) Take my Dad to a hockey game in a suite
26) Walk a marathon
27) Create my own recipe
28) Go to cooking school in New York
29) Learn to make profiteroles
30) Take an etiquette class
31) Get my MOUS certificate
32) Give meditation a chance
33) Learn to ski downhill
34) Join a Masters Swim Team
35) Go to a movie alone
36) Watch all of the Best Picture Academy Award Winning Movies
37) Go on a personal wellness retreat
38) Run a jump rope class at a community centre
39) Host a party
40) Cook the holiday meal from the World’s Healthiest Cookbook

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