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Vista D’Oro for a Picnic – Sharla and Maria’s List

Vista D’Oro Farm is a lovely farmhouse and vineyard out in Langley, BC.  They make local wines, preserves, and have a picnic lunch menu.  We went for the picnic lunch – you order the cheese or meat plate, curried hummous, olives, and they put it in a basket for you to enjoy at your leisure at the tables outside overlooking the vineyard.  It was a lovely experience to have a delicious picnic with a glass of wine.  It’s a great way to try before you buy.- Maria

It was a fantastic way to spend a leisurely afternoon and we felt like we had been gone way longer than a few hours.  In my mind I had imagined something a little different then the reality turned out to be but I think the result was the same.  A lovely afternoon in the sun surrounded by vines and friends.  Mission accomplished and liekly I will be back again before the 7 years are up!-Sharla

The Lovely Winery!

The picnic area:)

The vines

The Picnic!

Picnic in process!