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Go on a Circle Farm Tour – Sharla and Maria’s Lists


It was in the earlier years when we decided to go on a day trip to Chilliwack to explore the self guided Chilliwack Circle Farm Tour.  I remember that it was a cloudy day and we stopped at around five different places on the Chilliwack Circle Farm tour which included Anita’s Certified Grain and Flour Mill, Rustic Soap, Happy Days Dairy, Chilliwack River Natural Honey, and we ended with lunch at Hofstede’s Country Barn.  This is a great way to explore the Fraser Valley with  Circle Farm Tours.

Learn to Make Bread – Maria & Sharla’s List

I enjoy baking but the one thing I never really made was bread.  So here was my chance to learn how to make bread from a trained executive pastry chef, Marco Ropke.  He’s the instructor and owner of the Vancouver Pastry School.   I love the small class size (average of 8 students per class).  It’s wonderful to not only take home the bread and recipes, but baking tips about how to make bread in your own kitchen with what you have.  The practical hands-on lessons give you the confidence to try at home.

Sharla and I both have learn how to make bread on our lists so we went to the Introduction to Bread Baking course together.  We learned how to make bagels, whole wheat toast bread, hard or petite rolls, carrots onion herb bread, cheese bread, baguette and fougasse.

First step is to make a well with the dry ingredients and put the wet ingredients inside to combine.

Then comes the hard part and the upper body workout.  You knead the dough until the gluten has been worked and the dough is ready to double in size.

Your hard work pays off with fresh bread.

Vista D’Oro for a Picnic – Sharla and Maria’s List

Vista D’Oro Farm is a lovely farmhouse and vineyard out in Langley, BC.  They make local wines, preserves, and have a picnic lunch menu.  We went for the picnic lunch – you order the cheese or meat plate, curried hummous, olives, and they put it in a basket for you to enjoy at your leisure at the tables outside overlooking the vineyard.  It was a lovely experience to have a delicious picnic with a glass of wine.  It’s a great way to try before you buy.- Maria

It was a fantastic way to spend a leisurely afternoon and we felt like we had been gone way longer than a few hours.  In my mind I had imagined something a little different then the reality turned out to be but I think the result was the same.  A lovely afternoon in the sun surrounded by vines and friends.  Mission accomplished and liekly I will be back again before the 7 years are up!-Sharla

The Lovely Winery!

The picnic area:)

The vines

The Picnic!

Picnic in process!