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Cook a traditional Canadian Christmas Dinner – Maria’s List

Last year after having a very unique Kraft Dinner Christmas dinner, it’s not surprising that this year I went all out to buy a turkey and all of the trimmings on Christmas eve so I would be prepared to cook a traditional Canadian Christmas dinner.

It’s not that difficult and is an excellent couple activity.  Better still, you can eat the leftovers all week long.  My partner and I made an 8 pound turkey and filled it with homemade stuffing.  Our side dishes were mashed potatoes, peas, roasted vegetables and gravy.  It was definitely a memorable experience and a Christmas I won’t forget!

Cook the Holiday Meal from the World’s Healthiest Cookbook-Sharla’s List

Well, Canadian thanksgiving came and I decided to grab the turkey by its legs and cook the whole meal myself.  Just over a year ago I bought this cookbook called ‘The Healthiest Meals on Earth’ on the recommendation of a close family friend who told me the black bean brownie recipe was amazing.  The book is phenomonal and every recipe we tried was fantastic.  In the book there is a menu for a full holiday meal that is healthy and vibrant.  It is a great departure from the meal my family usually has at holidays and I decided I would one day like to take on the challenge.

Now that I have this list and the family was coming to my home for Thanksgiving the opportunity presented itself.  I asked my parents if it was okay with them if I departed from our usual recipes and did this on my own for ‘my list’ and they agreed(although I think a little reluctantly, but the love me so they indulged).  I must add they weren’t hesitant because I can’t cook but because they are very attached to tradition.

The menu for the evening consisted of:

Citrus Stuffed Herbed Turkey

Roasted Brussel Sprouts, Asparagus and Broccoli with Toasted Hazelnuts

Holiday Waldorf Salad

Cranberry Orange Relish

Sweet Potato Pie with Almond Oat Crust

With a little help from my sous chef (AKA my sister) at serving time everything turned out perfectly.  It was a delicious meal and even my Dad raved about the vegetables.  I was extremely proud of this accomplishment from the brined turkey to the homemade pie.  I can’t wait to do it again!

I used up all the leftovers too! I made soup, quiche and muffins. I can’t wait to be the chef at another family gathering now!